“I cut my teeth on domestic plumbing, refined my trade in commercial plumbing and renewables, so if it’s technical – I’m your man.
– Trevor Riley, Contracts Manager

“I started as an apprentice. Ten years later I was tutoring apprentices. Today, our customers are benefiting from my experience.
– Amsal Mansaf, Managing and Sales Director

“We can always give customers everything they want; but we prefer to give them just what they need.
– The office team

“Our people are plumbers by trade, so we know what works best for you. By understanding your problem, we can deliver the right solution.
– The technical team

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Staying cool - keeping temperature under control

If your home has hot and cold spots, or your colleagues are overheating in one part of the building while shivering in another, and all the while your energy bills are rising, then we can help.

At Del Sol, our team has the knowledge and experience to dig down and really understand your heat control issues, as well as the skills to put things right.

Smart solutionsExpand

As each workspace has different cooling problems, our team will visit your premises to find out exactly what your business needs.

Air conditioning unitsExpand

Cassette or wall-mounted air conditioning units will quickly cool a room on a warm day, and heat it efficiently on a cold day


  • Distributes the air where it’s needed with multi-directional air flow.
  • Suitable for smaller spaces and offices as they’re compact and quiet
  • Multi-use and can be used for heating as well as cooling.
  • Quick and easy to install and easy to use with remote control.

Evaporative coolingExpand

Suitable for all work areas that need to keep cool all year round.


  • Simple to install, requiring basic water and electrical services 80%
  • Cheaper to buy and install, typically, a 25%to 50% saving on the capital cost and 15% saving on the running cost compared with refrigerant-based air conditioning systems.
  • Safe – water circulates and constantly refreshes to prevent any risk of legionella or other organisms.
  • Saves money, using 85% less electricity than conventional air conditioning units.
  • Better for the environment, the reduction in electricity equates to 10 tonnes of carbon per annum, per cooler.
  • Suitable for all areas, with a silent running option available for quiet offices.

Ducting and ventilationExpand

Sophisticated extraction systems, and intelligent use of ducting and ventilation, can transport heat generated in one location and use it to heat cooler parts of the building.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient – recovers around 90% of energy from air
  • Cost effective – reduces energy costs
  • Safe – dust, fumes and pollutants are contained

Servicing and maintenanceExpand

At Del Sol we rarely install and go. We prefer to work with our clients to make sure their heating system continues to work efficiently and effectively at all times, and continues to meet their needs.

Regular servicing is carried out by our dedicated maintenance team, which helps to prevent problems from occurring. For your peace of mind, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong and you experience a breakdown, these fully qualified and registered Gas Safe engineers always on hand.